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Winter is Here: Bring Out Your Hot Gin Apple Toddy

To some, winter is an abomination of dark slushy afternoons and grim teeth-chattering evenings, whereas to others it’s a time of a cosy cheer and merry-making. Regardless of your personal prejudice, our Hot Gin Apple Toddy (a sumptuous spiced apple gin hot toddy if ever there was one) is a cocktail that lives for winter. Brush the snow from your shoulders, scrape the frost from your nose, shake loose the hail from your eyebrows, and sigh in happy warmth as you cup the HENDRICK’S GIN toddy in your warming mittens. The deep spicy flavour, imbued with all the balanced complexity of HENDRICK’S GIN, makes it an extremely welcome treat to return home to or, when carried in a flask, as a pleasant surprise for fellow walkers on a crisp January yomp through the woods. 

Following our gin toddy recipe will warm you, even on the chilliest of days. Note, you may need to take your gloves off to locate the recipe page and perform its requirements.

Copy of HG Festive Celebration Hot Spiced Apple 610 Joe Sarah

DO BE CAREFUL when ordering a toddy, as the word has a secondary meaning. A toddy is also an Asian palm civet. These unbearably cute mammals eat mango, rambutan and coffee, when they’re not chowing down on smaller mammals and insects. They also feed on palm flower sap, which when fermented, becomes toddy or palm wine – a sweet liquor entirely unrelated to the HENDRICK’S GIN Hot Toddy.

Do not order an Asian palm civic in a bar, as it will never warm you like a delicious hot gin toddy.


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