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Hendrick's Gin cocktail recipes for festive frivolities, seasonal soirees and general Christmas mischief

You are a far better host than you imagine, even if you already believe you are the greatest host in the universe.

Quite how this works logically we have no idea, but we are here to tempt you with extraordinary cocktails — not offer a coherent point. And my goodness do we have some astonishingly decadent seasonal cocktails to warm your cockles, excite your tongue and satisfy your desire for wild new unusual pleasures.

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The HOT GIN OLD FASHIONED is the go-to cocktail for family gatherings or long giggly evenings of parlour games. Wishing to take a frosty star-gazing walk? Return home to the delights of the HENDRICK’S HOT GIN PUNCH. A romantic moment at a peacock farm? This is the right time for the HOT SPICED APPLE. An Impromptu fireworks show with a medieval dress-code cries out for the addition of the complex flavours of the FRENCH 75.

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 We have all such eventualities covered but do appreciate that most occasions are unique and defy classification, so for these miscellaneous moments, we recommend the sleek mystery of the HENDRICK'S GIN BUCK. We have such a mesmerizing menu of holiday cocktails, winter cocktails and Christmas cocktail recipes that you may want a reason to extend the seasonal season for an extra season. All of which makes perfect sense or perfect nonsense, or both or neither. 

HENDRICK’S GIN adds a welcome dash of poetic nonsense to unusual festive occasions.


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